About Electrical Pat Testing

Why do I need to carry it out for electrical PAT testing?

The UK Health and Safety Executive along with insurance companies will expect you to ensure that you are compliant with electrical PAT testing to ensure you are abiding by certain regulations including:

As with all law, ignorance is not a defence. It is your responsibility to make sure all the appliances used in your workplace comply with these specific regulations

Failure to comply may, at best, invalidate your insurance policy leaving you liable, at worst, a fine of up to £20,000 and/or a 2-year jail sentence

With many years of experience in the electrical industries, we ensure that your tests are done safely and accurately by professionals. Where possible every plug will be opened and inspected; checking for the correct wiring, making sure that all terminals are secured and that the correct fuse type is fitted. All appliances will then be tested with the most advanced calibrated test equipment available

What Qualifies as a Portable Appliance?

All of your electrical equipment that is used in the workplace with a flexible cable and/or plug

Examples:- Computers, Microwaves, Heaters, Fans, Lamps, Kettles, Photocopiers, Printers Power Leads etc


Minor faults highlighted during an electrical PAT testing inspection from City Appliance testing of the appliances can be repaired as we find them and then retested

Un-repairable or dangerous faults will result in the appliance being failed and labelled accordingly

Reports and Certification

During testing all portable appliances will be numbered and a Safety Label is applied to enable easy identification in the event of a Health and Safety Inspection

On completion of the electrical PAT testing, we will issue a Safety Compliance Certificate and a detailed report identifying each appliance

How much will it cost?

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