Importance of Pat Testing

Why should I have PAT safety testing done?

pat safety testing

You may well be asking yourself, “Why should I undertake PAT safety testing?” Well, there are a number of health and safety laws that effectively make safety tests of electrical hardware a legal requirement. Failure to do so can invalidate insurances and lead to extensive fines or even prison time.

Under the Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989, a legal responsibility is placed on both employers and the self-employed to take practical steps to ensure no danger results from the use of electrical equipment. The regulation dictates that all portable equipment must be inspected regularly and tested to ensure that it is safe for use.

To achieve compliance with these legal requirements you must be able to provide proof that your electrical systems are safe. This is necessitated thorough professional inspection and testing. Furthermore, you are also required to create and maintain full proper records of the checks that have taken place during inspections.

This process is most commonly known as Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT testing for short. PAT testing has been adopted nation-wide adoption by most businesses, and for good reason. Faulty electrical appliances are one of the major causes behind deadly and expensive fires. They are also one of the leading causes of personal injury while at work. With the dangers in mind, many insurance companies have moved to make it compulsory for businesses to adopt a regular programme of inspection and PAT testing.

Failure to comply with PAT testing procedures may invalidate your insurance policy. This can leave you fully liable to legal prosecution.

Keeping Your Appliances Safe is a legal requirement and should not be taken lightly. Protect your business and yourself now – Contact us for your PAT safety testing requirements and save yourself from the extensive risk of fires, personal injury and legal prosecution.